Are you REALLY using the web to market your business effectively?

Marketing is one of those slightly woolly terms that everyone in business knows they need to do, but often don’t know where to start.  If this is you then sit tight – you’re about to learn the easy way of getting your business seen by lots of people who are interested in what you’re offering.

If you’re a business owner and you aren’t using the internet to market your business, you’re living in the dark ages!

I’m not just talking about social media – although that’s a powerful tool, used effectively – but there are so many other ways to use today’s high speed broadband service to get your message to the people who will become your customers.

  • Online marketing directionsDo you use blogs to market your business?
  • How do you create effective newsletters that build strong relationships?
  • What is article marketing?  Could it give your business valuable profile?
  • How do you build a list?  And create email campaigns that people don’t unsubscribe from?
  • How can you leverage your written material so you don’t keep reinventing the wheel?
  • What about videos?  Aren’t they an important web tool in today’s world?
  • How can you use social tools like Pinterest and Instagram to promote your business?
  • How do some people seem to get massive sales from Facebook when you can’t get visitors to your page?
  • What are the secrets of making LinkedIn profitable?

This website will share all these secrets with you – and more.  Just pick the subject area you want to know more about and you’ll get access to step-by-step, screen-sharing video tutorials plus really detailed notes to follow.

Of course, there’s a cost, but it’s really affordable and the sessions are short episodes so you can watch a bit, put it into practice and then come back for the next one when you’re ready.

You don’t need me to bang on about it for ages – I’m sure you just want to get stuck in!

Here are the programmes you can access:

I discovered the secret by accident!

Lesley profile 400x570My name is Lesley Morrissey and I’m a reputation marketing and professional copywriter.  I’m lucky; I have two advantages:

1.   I like nice simple systems
2.   I’m lazy!

I don’t want to spend ages trying stuff that doesn’t work; I’d rather read a book or – because I’m a copywriter and LOVE writing – write something useful for a client.  I’m guessing that you’re the same; you want to get on with your business.

Luckily, I was an ‘early adopter’ of social media and built my business by networking online and, after three years managing customer support for one of the early social networks,  I quickly discovered how online networking really works – and what doesn’t work too.

I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel so I soon started developing ‘short cuts’ and processes.  Then, back at the beginning of 2010, someone I know said ‘How do you do that stuff on social media?’ and I offered to show them.  After I’d half-promised four people to ‘show them how’ I had a brainwave!  Why didn’t I have a group all at once and show more people in one go?

Since 2010 I’ve trained hundreds of people in online marketing, in seminars, workshops, webinars and video tutorials – now it’s your turn to benefit from this.

  • You can watch the tutorials whenever it suits you – whether that’s at midnight or 6am – you choose.
  • You can go back and revisit modules whenever you need to.
  • The sessions are regularly reviewed so, if a social media platform or one of the management tools changes, you’ll get fresh content covering those updates.
  • You can pick the course that you need now or work through the whole programme.
  • It’s unique!  No other online marketing programme gives you writing skills for marketing applications from social media posts to ebooks, website content to press releases.
Mark Newey

Has been absolutely fab and just at the right level to begin and actually action stuff!

What’s in it for me?

  • rave iconYou’ll know how to enhance your Reputation, position yourself as an Authority, create Visibility, validate your Expertise – in short get people to RAVE about you
  • You’ll get more referrals and recommendations
  • You’ll be head and shoulders above most of your competitors – unless you tell them how you did it, of course!
  • Knowing what and how doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself, but it will give you focus and you’ll understand what you can contract out or delegate.
  • You’ll build a valuable funnel to keep enquiries coming in and business generating – even when you’re busy serving your customers.
Rebecca Garrod

Thank you very much for the course and I found it very useful and if half of the people I have recommended it to sign up, I am sure I have generated several customers for you.

How much does this cost?

The programmes are really affordable – here are the costs (no hidden costs, but a few hidden bonuses!)

Paula Ruane

I can’t tell you how helpful this series has been so far.  I am able to go back to the notes and follow them step by step for my current needs.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants a guide to the most powerful social network sites and tools and needs to leapfrog into the 21st Century.

You’ll get all the following:

  • Video tutorial so you can see how it works in real time
  • Comprehensive notes to download
  • An action plan to keep you track (or in the LinkedIn course – assignments)
  • An email question-answering service

Bob Hambleton

Thanks to your excellent course I now have increased my ‘presence’ on line many fold.  I now have a website which is working to raise my visibility and more importantly, awareness of my book Sarina.  I now have the ability to post to multiple social and business networking sites and I am getting a lot of feedback from those sources.

The course is broken up into easily manageable half hour chunks, which in themselves are not too taxing but which certainly give you enough to be getting on with before the next session.  The comprehensive notes supplied after each session have combined to form an excellent text book which is already becoming well thumbed.

Lesleywriter, is approachable and friendly and makes each session an enjoyable experience.  She is obviously an expert in her field and has the ability to pass on that knowledge and experience to others in an effortless way.

I would strongly recommend this On-Line Marketing Course to anyone who has a need to raise their presence on the web or who has a message to get across or a product to promote.

Go on, you know it make sense – think of the money you’ll save on agencies, marketing support and other lead generation help, not to mention the business you’ll generate from your online marketing system.