Writing for the web

Writing for the web

As a commercial copywriter sometimes I meet people who ask me “Can’t everyone write?”  Well, of course most people can string words together – but let’s look at it another way; I can use a pair of scissors, but would you let me cut your hair?  Professional copywriting is a skill – but it’s one that can be learned.

We’re not talking about spelling, punctuation and grammar, but how to structure a message that attracts readers and makes them want to find out more.

The Writing for the Web course will show you how to:

  • Write for social media
  • Write web content for your home page and About page that engages your reader
  • Write your services or products pages so people understand the benefits to them
  • Create blog posts that people enjoy reading – and share with others
  • Develop ebooks to either give away to demonstrate your expertise or sell
  • Produce newsletters that people look forward to reading
  • Plan and create successful email marketing campaigns and construct compelling content

When you’ve worked through this programme you should be able to put together commercial copy that markets your company effectively.

How much?  Only £77 – and you’ll save many times that amount on copywriting fees – and increased sales for your business.