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What will you do differently to make 2021 your best year in business ever?

For most business owners one of the things on their wish list is ‘more time for marketing’.

If your business isn’t a marketing business (and even if it is) keeping up with a marketing campaign can seem like an uphill struggle.

When you get busy, it’s the activity that often falls off your to do list, so you aren’t ‘restuffing the sausage machine’ consistently.

How well targeted is your marketing activity?

How do you get a reputation that brings potential clients to your door?

How do you create that all important air of authority in your industry?

What can you do to spend less time and get better results?

What are the best tools to use to reach and influence your target market?

These are just a few questions your marketing strategy should cover.

If you could learn how to run a professional marketing campaign what might the rest of your year look like?


Welcome to the 90 Day Reputation Marketing Programme

What you can expect:

  • 13 weeks working on your marketing with a webinar every Monday afternoon to set the week’s activities up.
  • Guides, worksheets, models and checklists to help you to do everything thoroughly.
  • 12 Friday afternoon problem-solving and Q&A webinars
  • A private group to give each other support and get cheer-leading so you don’t ‘go off the boil’.
  • Accountability – you decide what you’ll do and then we’ll hold your feet to the fire to make sure you get them done!
  • A final celebratory webinar to share your successes.

Week 1

Your brand: how to give it a polish and ensure you have the collateral you need to present yourself professionally.

Week 2

Your client: who they are, where they can be found, what they want and the tools and strategy to reach them.

Week 3

Content: How to generate content, what kind of content works best, how to leverage content into many applications.

Week 4

Email marketing: Lists, newsletters and email campaigns – how, what and where.

Week 5

Social media: engagement, management, content resourcing, building a following, business pages and groups

Week 6

LinkedIn: optimising your profile, contact management, relationship building, press and PR

Week 7

Facebook & Instagram: Management, algorithms, FB ads, Insta sales (and Pinterest)

Week 8

Lead magnets: How to create a good lead magnet, covers, layout, forms, email management tools and promotion.

Week 9

Sales funnels: How to build one and the elements that turn it into a cash generator.

Week 10

SEO for beginners: the basics of keyword research without blowing your mind.

 Week 11 & 12

YouTube: how to build a channel, create influencer videos and get them onto the first page. 

Week 13

Review & revisit: what’s worked, what needs to be adjusted, what needs delegating.

Lesley is my ‘go-to’ person for all my digital marketing needs. She enables me to attract visitors to my social media and engage them. She has also shown me how to measure my visitors’ engagement, so I can tailor my messages to best effect. She’s helped me to set up and stick to a writing schedule for my blogs too. 

Glenys Chatterley


Thank you so much – we have found reflecting on and working through our business strategy very helpful for us.

Misan Nwokorie and Tonu Aboaba

Sister Sister Property

Our two sessions and your documents helped me to make a few very important changes in how I see myself in the business world, and how I see my business and its future.  You helped me to see this in a very neat, step-by-step way.  You “just” have set it all up for me on a professional footing

Lena Morrish

At Home With Maths

… and the results …

A professional image

A system that makes staying visible a habit, not a chore

The skills to generate good quality content consistently

A higher profile on your chosen social media that gets found in searches

A powerful means of reaching and converting potential clients

An influencer channel on YouTube that sets you ahead of the competition

How much?

For three months of intensive training, systems and support to put your reputation marketing on the map 

it’s ONLY £997 (+VAT)

That’s less than £77 a week (or £11 a day) – a bargain when you consider what a marketing consultant would cost to engage!

90 Day Reputation Marketing Programme
£199.40 (tax)
Total: £1,196.40



Don’t miss this very special opportunity.  It will give you the tools to put your business in the spotlight, today, tomorrow and for as long as you want to stay there!